Geometric Cube Essential Oil Holder


This piece is here by popular demand! It's a Geometric shape that is roughly 3.75" cubed. We then take it and cut off every original corner making a 14 sided polygon or Tetradecahedron for "short". We then double drill 5 holes into the top of it to hold either roller bottles or 15ml bottles. This piece is eye catching and unique and it's sheer size and weight will make it stand out anywhere you decide to put it in your home or office. It has multiple angles it can rest on and be displayed if the mood strikes you to change it up!


D E T A I L S:


➤ Hardwood oil holder

➤ Made from solid maple

➤ Holds 5 oils - either 15ml or rollerbottle

➤ 3.75" long x 3.75" wide x 3.75" high

➤ Finished a polyurethane for a matte finish

➤ Branded with KINDRED logo



N O T E S:


These are custom made in our wood shop from hand selected boards. Due to the unique character in the wood grain and the organic nature of the resin pouring process each piece may look slightly different and, therefore, different than what is pictured.